Magnification Loupes

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Our dentists use magnification loupes to examine your gums and teeth at a microscopic level, which gives them insight into areas that might not be visible with the naked eye.

What are Magnification Loupes?

Magnification loupes are small devices used by dentists to see small cavities, slight crown fractures and any other small details that may go missed without magnification.

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What services are Magnification Loupes used for?

During your appointment, your dentist may use magnification loupes for many different oral health concerns. We use them for fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, as well as oral surgery

What are the benefits of using magnification loupes?

The main reason magnification loupes are important is for the outcome of the patient. These microscopes allow dentists to see into the oral cavity which can help with diagnosis on a precise level. Patient care and patient outcomes are the main focus when using these tools.

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