Dental Hygiene

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Our team of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants will help you prevent dental health issues before they become larger problems, with our dental hygiene services.

Why Diagnostic & Preventive Services

Regular preventive dental health care is a sound investment for your health. Regular examinations give you the opportunity for long-term dental health. If you should need a treatment, early care is easier and usually less costly than delayed treatment.

What can Cornerstone offer for your oral hygiene?

Cornerstone Dentistry’s preventive services program is one of the most important services we offer you. With it, we can help you manage your dental health. Recall examinations and preventive cleaning appointments are scheduled for you, at intervals tailored to meet your particular needs.

What should I do at home to maintain oral hygiene?

Your supporting gum tissues and bone are just as vital to your dental health as your teeth. The way to maintain and protect the life of these crucial supporting structures is regular preventive care. Between appointments, your doctor and hygienist ask that you follow our prescribed home-care routines with diligence. Maintaining your health is a shared responsibility between you and our professionals.

Our goal is to help you and your family to maintain dental health and hygiene in between appointments.

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We put your family's dental prevention at the Cornerstone of our practice.