Intra Oral Camera

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Intra Oral Cameras provide full-colour, detailed photos of the interior of your mouth. Your dentist will use the Intra Oral Camera to help determine your oral health care plan.

What is an Intra Oral Camera?

An Intra Oral Camera is a small, high resolution camera that fits into your mouth. It provides a level of access and visibility that might not be available with the naked eye. Your dentist will be able to see in the hardest to reach places, giving him or her a full picture of your oral health.

How do Intra Oral Cameras help me?

During your appointment your dentist will be able to project the images from the Intra Oral Camera on the screen. You will be able to work with your dentist during the appointment to understand your oral health, and discuss your treatment options.

Seeing images from the Intra Oral Camera will help you be more actively involved with your treatment.

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